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Top Electronics Kits for Beginners

Whether you're a parent looking for a child-friendly kit or a budding hobbyist over 50,there's really no bad time to start your journey with electronics.We hope you can find a kit to help you start something fun!

Best in Show

必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun Inventor's Kit(SIK)


Sikv4.0是基于用户反馈的多年修订的顶点,用户反馈如何开始编程和与Arduino语言的硬件交互。Besides the careful consideration of included hardware,SIK v4.0还包括full-color,spiral-bound guidebookwith circuit diagrams and hookup tables for building each 必威娱乐登录平台project and circuit.另外,最后一个项目是自主机必威娱乐登录平台器人!






开始学习电子必威手机登陆产品时,只需简单地将零件咬合在一起,同时遵循一本完整的插图指南。使用方便,well-built pieces,children are able to complete 必威娱乐登录平台projects such as aLight-Controlled Alarmor aSaltwater Detector.实验包括电阻,电容器,transistors and more,因此,孩子们了解了这些部件在电子世界中是如何工作的。


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必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun Simon Says - Through-Hole Soldering Kit


This a versatile soldering kit for beginners to 必威手机登陆learn to solder LEDs,电池夹,a 28-pin microprocessor and more.该套件还配有电池,当然,完成游戏后,您将拥有自己的西蒙游戏!

附加奖励:After it's all put together,you can reprogram the kit with Arduino.

For ages 11 and up.

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Intro to Robotics

必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun micro:bot kit


Robots are fun,以及micro:bitis the perfect controller for 必威手机登陆learning how to build and program robots!Combining the micro:bit with the 必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun moto:bit carrier board creates a flexible,low-cost robotics platform for robot enthusiasts young and old!With the 必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun micro:bot kit you will be able to create simple robots quickly without spendin必威手机登陆g hours learning how to build and program your bot.

For ages 9 and up.


Playing withSimple Circuits



有了马克,you can make anything conductive into a key,只需连接几个鳄鱼夹。The Makey Makey Classic by JoyLabz is an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking almost anything is a keyboard.This allows you to hook up all kinds of fun things as an input;例如,用play-doh键盘玩mario,or make a piano with fruit!


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LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit


这个工具包可以让您通过一系列使用Lilypad系统的介绍性项目来探索电子缝纫(e-sewing)和电子纺织品的奇妙世界。必威娱乐登录平台You'll 必威手机登陆learn how to sew basic circuits to light up LEDs,control them with buttons and switches and even experiment with a pre-programmed LilyMini circuit that reacts to ambient light levels.


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Connecting 必威娱乐登录平台Projects Online

必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun IoT Starter Kit with Blynk Board


The 必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun IoT Starter Kit with Blynk Board is a great way to gain a solid introduction to the world of Internet of Things (IoT) technology without any difficult programming.With this kit,you will be able to get your Blynk Board connected and,by utilizing the pre-loaded 必威娱乐登录平台projects,使用不同的组件集来构建一系列网络和电话连接的项目。必威娱乐登录平台


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Citizen Science

必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun micro:climate kit


The 必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun micro:climate kit is a great way to get your feet wet in high-grade sensors like our tried-and-true Weather Meters and Soil Moisture Sensor.Whether you're an agriculturalist,专业气象学家或业余爱好者,您将能够建立一个由micro:bit驱动的高级气象站。您甚至可以通过无线通信在两个微:位之间与这个套件,以监测天气,而不暴露在它!

For ages 9 and up.

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覆盆子Pi3 B+启动套件


覆盆子Pi3 B+入门套件是一个很好的方法,可以让您真正了解这款小游戏,信用卡大小的电脑。With this kit you will be able to connect a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ through our 必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun Pi Wedge to a breadboard and,by utilizing the RPi's 40-pin GPIO,控制按钮,LEDs and a host of user-created circuits.此套件不需要任何焊接,建议任何有驱动器的人了解更多关于树莓PI及其编程。必威手机登陆


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