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边缘计算在这里!你可能听说过这一最新的科技术语,如“iot”、“lora”和“cloud”等。但是什么是优势?为什么重要?The cloud is impressively powerful but all-the-time connection requires power and connectivity that may not be available.边缘计算处理离散的任务,例如确定是否有人说“启动洗衣机”,并相应地作出响应。The audio analysis is done at the edge rather than on the web.This dramatically reduces costs and complexity while limiting potential data privacy leaks.

与谷歌和Ambiq合作,必威娱乐登录平台Sparkfun的边缘开发板以最新的边缘技术为基础,非常适合在不依赖其他公司的远程服务的情况下,通过语音甚至手势识别让您的脚湿透。The magic sauce is in the utilization of Ambiq Micro's latest Apollo3 Blue microcontroller whose ultra efficient ARM Cortex-M4F 48MHz (with 96MHz burst mode) processor can run TensorFlow Lite using only 6uA/MHz.Apollo3 Blue运动了现代微控制器的所有尖端功能,包括六个可配置iC/SPI masters,两个UART,一我C/SPI从机,15通道14位ADC,以及支持BLE5的专用蓝牙处理器。betway手机投注On top of all that the Apollo3 Blue has 1MB of flash and 384KB of SRAM memory - plenty for the vast majority of applications.

在边缘,你可以内置传感器,Bluetooth,我C展开,和GPIO输入/输出。To betway手机投注support edge computing cases like voice recognition the Edge board features two MEMS microphones,ST LIS2DH12三轴加速度计C总线and a connector to interface to an OV7670 camera (sold separately).An onboard Bluetooth antenna gives the Edge out-of-the-box connectivity.板上还提供一个QWIIC连接器,用于添加Ic传感器/装置,four LEDs,和四个GPIO管脚。To boast the low-power capabilities of the board we've outfitted it with battery operation from the CR2032 coin cell holder.使用外部USB串行适配器(如Serial Basic Breakout通过串行引导加载程序,但对于更高级的用户,我们还提供了JTAG编程和调试器端口。

As a brave explorer of this new technology you'll have to use some advanced concepts but don't worry.在Ambiq Micro的软件开发工具包和我们的安装指南you'll have access to plenty of examples to begin working with your hardware.


Important:Spar必威娱乐登录平台kfun Edge开发板可用于预购,最终板外观可能在最终版本发布前发生变化。Adding a pre-order product to an order may cause a delay.一定要取消选中购物车中的“发货完成订单”,以避免延迟库存项目的发货。We expect to have physical stock ready to ship by the end of March.


  • 32位ARM Cortex-M4F处理器,可直接访问内存
  • 48MHz CPU时钟,96MHz,带turbospot™
  • 极低功耗:6uA/MHz
  • 1MB Flash
  • 静态存储器
  • Dedicated Bluetooth processor with BLE 5


  • ST LIS2DH12 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2个带运算放大器的MEMS麦克风
  • OV7670摄像头接头
  • QWIC连接器
  • 4个GPIO连接
  • 4 x用户发光二极管
  • 1 X用户按钮
  • 用于编程的FTDI型串行头
  • 蓝牙天线
  • CR2032 coin cell holder for battery operation


  • High processing to current consumption ratio enables machine 必威手机登陆learning applications on the 'Edge' of networks,无需中央计算机或Web连接。
  • Voice,gesture,或使用TensorFlowLite进行图像识别。(语音示例提供手势和图像示例,希望很快发布)


  • 1.8V-3.6V电源电压范围
  • 小尺寸1.6英寸x 1.6英寸x 0.35英寸(40.6毫米x 40.6毫米x 8.9毫米)外形尺寸

必威娱乐登录平台Sparkfun Edge开发委员会-Apollo3蓝色产品帮助和资源

Core Skill:程序设计

If a board needs code or communicates somehow,you're going to need to know how to program or interface with it.The programming skill is all about communication and code.

4 程序设计

Skill Level: Experienced-你需要对编程有一个坚定的理解,编程工具链,并且可能需要对编程软件或语言做出决定。您可能需要破译专有或专用的通信协议。可能需要逻辑分析仪。
See all skill levels

Core Skill:Electrical Prototyping

如果需要动力,you need to know how much,所有的针都做什么,and how to hook it up.您可能需要参考数据表,示意图,了解电子设备的内部和外部。

Electrical Prototyping

Skill Level: Rookie- You may be required to know a bit more about the component,比如方向,或者如何连接,in addition to power requirements.你需要了解极化成分。
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  • Does the BLE transceiver have an FCC-ID?Is this a prequalified module or would I need to go through certification using this in my design?

  • Does this board have inbuilt WiFi or is there any provision to connect any external WiFi shield or module ?

  • 看起来棒极了!你有没有备好能用这个的照相机?

  • 一些有用的链接:

    “用于微控制器的TensorFlow Lite:”https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/tree/master/tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro

    “使用Sparkf必威手机登陆un TensorFlow在微控制器上进行机器学习:”https://必威娱乐登录平台codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/sparkfun TensorFlow/0

    "Creating your own model:" https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/tree/master/tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/examples/micro_speech#creating-your-own-model

    A great research paper,"A one微瓦使用模拟特征提取和二进制神经网络的语音检测器:“https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=8310326&tag=1

  • 你能教它识别单词吗?或者你必须使用预设命令?如果是这样,它能处理多少命令?

  • 看起来很酷,但我希望它能暴露超过4个gpio,especially since the underlying processor seems to have so many.

  • 什么样的相机能和这个很好地配合?

  • The link to the SDK Setup Guide (https://必威手机登陆learn.必威娱乐登录平台sparkfun.com/tutorials/using-sparkfun-edge-board-with-ambiq-apollo3-sdk) doesn't work.

    • 正确的,it isn't ready yet but it will be when we start shipping the Edge at the end of the month.

  • ReverieQuest / 上周 /