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激光雷达Lite v3


这是LIDAR-Lite V3,来自Garmin™的紧凑光学距离测量传感器。当空间和重量要求紧密时,LIDAR-Lite V3飙升。LIDAR-Lite V3是无人机,机器人或无人驾驶车辆应用的理想解决方案。

这种易于使用的40米激光的光学测距传感器具有所有核心功能,使LIDAR-Lite V2如此流行。在采集期间,以较小的形式和重量轻,功耗低于130mA。它是用户配置,因此您可以在精度,操作范围和测量时间之间进行调整。

每个LIDAR Lite v3都有一个边缘发射、905nm(1.3瓦)、单条激光发射器、4米弧度x 2米弧度光束发散和12.5毫米光学孔径。第三个版本的LIDAR Lite仍在5V DC下工作,连续工作时的电流消耗率小于100mA。最重要的是,激光雷达Lite是用户可配置的,允许在精度、工作范围和测量时间之间进行调整。它可以通过I2C或PWM,附带200mm附件电缆。

注:CLASS 1LASER PRODUCT CLASSIFIED EN/IEC 60825-1 2014. This product is in conformity with performance standards for laser products under 21 CFR 1040, except with respect to those characteristics authorized by Variance Number FDA-2016-V-2943 effective September 27, 2016.

  • 范围:0-40M激光发射器
  • 精度:距离大于1米时+/-2.5厘米
  • Power: 4.75--5V DC; 6V Max
  • Current Consumption: 105mA idle; 130mA continuous
  • 重复频率:1--500Hz
  • Laser Wave Length/Peak Power: 905nm/1.3 watts
  • 光束分歧:8M弧度
  • 光学孔径:12.5mm
  • 界面:I.2C或PWM
  • 20 x 48 x 40毫米(0.8 x 1.9 x 1.6英寸)

激光雷达Lite v3Product Help and Resources

激光雷达Lite v3连接指南

May 16, 2018

A tutorial for connecting the Garmin LIDAR-Lite v3 or the LIDAR-Lite v3HP to an Arduino to measure distance.




Mechanical drawing

可以找到简单的机械绘图at this link.




Skill Level: Noob- Some basic soldering is required, but it is limited to a just a few pins, basic through-hole soldering, and couple (if any) polarized components. A basic soldering iron is all you should need.
See all skill levels


If a board needs code or communicates somehow, you're going to need to know how to program or interface with it. The programming skill is all about communication and code.


Skill Level: Competent- The toolchain for programming is a bit more complex and will examples may not be explicitly provided for you. You will be required to have a fundamental knowledge of programming and be required to provide your own code. You may need to modify existing libraries or code to work with your specific hardware. Sensor and hardware interfaces will be SPI or I2C.
See all skill levels

核心技巧:Electrical Prototyping


3Electrical Prototyping

Skill Level: Competent- You will be required to reference a datasheet or schematic to know how to use a component. Your knowledge of a datasheet will only require basic features like power requirements, pinouts, or communications type. Also, you may need a power supply that?s greater than 12V or more than 1A worth of current.
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Looking for answers to技术问题?


  • This product helped me out in a tight deadline and helped an experimental project take flight. However I'm getting a strange latency on the signal readings of about 20 minutes, odd.



  • Now all you need is rotating mirror at an angle that rotates above the sensor, and a position sensor on the mirror and you can have 360 degree range finding with one sensor. At 500hz sample you can almost get 2 samples a second per degree. (though I'd be ok with 1 sample per 1.4 degrees, giving 2 samples a second) Get on it Sparkfun!

    • 嗨,我做了这个3d打印部件,可以连续360度旋转。这是以前版本的激光雷达,但看看身体,它将很可能与这一个工作以及。我喜欢你的旋转镜的想法,这省去了滑环的需要。不管怎样,这是:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1778878

      • 嘿,好东西。不过,我有几个问题。


        Second, what optical pickup did you use? And do you think it could work with //www.psybik.com/products/9299

  • What if you shot this down at something like ice. Would you get a measurement back of how far the water would be on the other side?

    • Hi there, it sounds like you are looking for技术援助。Please use the link in the banner above, to get started with posting a topic in our论坛. 我们的技术支持团队将尽全力协betway手机投注助您。


  • 在i2c上使用2台激光雷达时出现的问题:更改i2c地址似乎不起作用,是否有人通过读取序列号,然后将序列号和新地址写入正确的寄存器,成功地完成了地址更改?

  • Soooo, the price doubled cuz they were bought by Garmin????

  • 您好,几个月前买了其中一个(本网站,其他丢失的账户)。让它在I2C / Arduino上工作,使用推荐的电容与示例草图(GetDisteance2c),运行一些测试,结果很好,一切都好。昨天开始使用它,同样的设置,首先尝试:10-20结果和沉默,再次尝试,结果,第三次运行 - 没有关于串行的。从那时起,我没有在序列,没有结果,无论是在I2C还是PWM上。在I2C上,我认为它在mylidarlite.begin(0,true)失败。其他人都有这个问题还是解决这个问题?(该设备实际上是新的,电线,电压,Arduino IDE等全部验证和工作顺序)。

  • 你好!


    I'm trying to measure the distance from this sensor (fixed point) to a moving point with a max movement of 0.5m located 10 meters away.



  • Hi, I would like to know if this sensor works on water (Signal will bounce on water?) I need it for a water level tank.



  • 在使用I2C接口使此产品正常工作时遇到一些问题。在PWM模式下工作,所以它至少大部分功能。在I2C模式下,我可以设置并读回R/W寄存器,使通信看起来正常,尽管序列号寄存器返回所有0(可疑)。当我命令进行距离测量时,距离值总是0x2424。测量后,状态寄存器位看起来都正常(无错误情况)。我用一个机器人作为控制器。我可以用一个Arduino来测试它,作为交叉检查,看看它是否是Rio的I2C所特有的。有人有什么想法吗?

  • 也许这将使价格降低到业余爱好者/实验区的更多内容:http://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/sensors/osrams-laser-chip-for-lidar-promises-supershort- in-in-in-indoply-packice

  • 有人在RPI + Python I2C SMBus @ 400kbps上尝试过这个吗?似乎完全被我锁定了。我可以获得I2C连接,但是当我触发读取(ACQ_COMMAND 0x04)并读取FULL_DELAY_HIGH / LOW寄存器时,只能提供电源读数。尝试了各种其他方法,包括自由运行模式,没有成功。状态读取始终如一地报告0x26,显示信号和引用溢出。

  • 关于GPS干扰,这是来自附带的产品信息文件:

    "This Limited Warranty also does not apply to, and Garmin is not responsible for, any degradation in the performance of any Garmin navigation product resulting from its use in proximity to any handset or other device that utilizes a terrestrial broadband network operating on frequencies that are close to the frequencies used by any Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) such as the Global Positioning Service (GPS). Use of such devices may impair reception of GNSS signals."

  • Does anyone have a set of physical drawings of the housing, or at least some specs on the spacing/size of the mounting holes?

  • 我们使用了早期版本的Lidar-Lite,但由于产生了嘈杂的RFI而停止使用。RFI非常糟糕,导致GPS出现问题。这个问题已经解决了吗?Tnx公司

  • Can we use this for underwater vehicles?

  • 这能用于水下航行器吗?

  • 有人使用v3测量速度吗?v3自由raries are missing some of the v2 components, most noticeably the velocity measurement capability.

  • Hi, I would like to know if the LL3 is still stable and reliable outside. For instance, is it still operating under sunlight, or in an environment disturbed by the rain, the wind or the heat... ? Thank you for your time,

  • Does this work with 3.3V IO or is 5V required? The garmin spec isn't clear, other than to say the i2c can run "up to a maximum of 5V"

  • 没有电容器的人是否能够使用I2C?如果没有,您是否携带电容器是合适的?我真的希望他们摆脱V3上的那个。

    • Currently testing one without the capacitor and it seems to be working fine. I believe the capacitor is suggested to protect the Arduino. Probably a good idea to use one if you can....capacitors are cheaper than Arduino's!

  • 关于v2的偏移量和其他问题是否已经修复,有什么消息吗?它们在Arducopter wiki上有很好的文档记录:http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-rangefinder-lidarlite.html

  • 请重复是什么?

  • 我还想知道V2和V3模型之间进行了哪些更改。这只是一个v2的garmin重新品牌吗?很高兴看到这个产品返回市场。

  • 它很酷,它回来了。您是否知道V2和V3之间的变化是什么?V2上有一些可靠性问题,它们是否固定?

  • 产品页link seems to be wrong, server not found



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Lidar Lite V3 ---到目前为止满意

我买了这个在空中无人机上的障碍物检测。它根据PWM模式中的包含指令完全相同。我确实需要添加一个大电容1000 UF(少可能很好),以确保正确地初始化每一个上电。本手册显示了I2C中的电容,但尚不清楚在PWM模式下需要它。






Waste of money - only works in lab - not outside in moisture

I bought three of them for a prototype to be used for a product we want to bring to production. Worked great for a while (all 3 of them) As soon as I got it outside (shooting through rain - but protected from getting wet) it failed miserably. Sunlight killed it. This is for a lab environment. Be careful about hooking it up. Very delicate. I bought a China laser rangefinder for $33. Very happy with it.

很遗憾听到LIDAR的问题。您是否已联系我们的技术支持部门@ TechSupport@sparbetway手机投注kfun.com,并提供有关您使用的传感器的环境的信息?必威娱乐登录平台他们可以帮助提供一些建议和解决方案,以帮助您描述的问题。


Meets specs, used in a different application.




Mainly because it's small enough to mount on a mid-sized multi-rotor, I know the wiring and I sold #2, so needed another one.

I use them solely for distance measuring, as a radar altimeter and object ranging, having them mounted on servos that follow the camera's gimbal tilt. I use them PWM, connected to a Pitlabs OSD board, which then displays the distance in the video stream.







Doesn't work through glass


I'm not surprised by a limitation like this, but it is annoying.






has not arrived yet


According to the tracking number, it was delivered on 1/04/17 at 12:45. Hopefully you've gotten it by now, and will have a chance to work with it soon. Once you do, please let us know what you think!




I have high hopes for the Lidar sensor to sense distance and direction on a outdoor robot. In this installation, the Lidar sits on a 180 rotation servo to provide the angle to the object detected. The outdoor tests have been more successful than with other sensors tried for this purpose. It is being used in the PWM mode now because the Arduino mega serial ports are busy. Yeah, I know. So far, so good.

Cool and Capable Sensor

Range and refresh rate set this sensor apart from other range detectors such as the Maxbotix outdoor sensors which are comparably priced. Not only can the LIDAR resolve objects farther, it is able to "see" soft and non-reflective objects such as people. Also, it can refresh hundreds of times a second as opposed to a 6Hz refresh on the outdoor Maxbotix's gear.

一个投诉,数据流中有一个公平的噪声 - 特别是当它没有得到任何/强烈的回报时。您需要过滤,这将降低有效的刷新率。



We tried at night and shoot on building outside and tree, it does work for building wall at 40meters away!




Great little sensor...

。。。but the mounting hole dimensions aren't even given on the spec sheet. They ALMOST line up with the Actobotics "1.5 inch" hole pattern - see //www.psybik.com/products/12103 - that would be a plus!

Going to be using it to detect objects in front of my boat - so it'll be on a pan and tilt assembly which keeps it level using the Razor 9dof IMU M0 - //www.psybik.com/products/14001 as the sensor and controller.



muy buen pomponsee.

ES interesente Para Perentar Prototipos de Aplicaciones Que Usen LaVisión人造。Recomendado。

Amazing Piece of Technology!


really nice little unit

A thorough read of the Garmin data sheet and a look at the library examples got me going. The unit operates exactly as specified and now it's being integrated into the rest of the robot systems. It works great so far in measuring interior spaces, walls, etc., Tests this summer will examine how well it does outside and on people avoidance. But solid product.


我比你的服务更多的Menunal。土耳其的产品非常迅速。不幸的是,土耳其工人并不像你那么快。质量差异是显而易见的。谢谢 :)

The greatest sensor I have worked with!

该传感器正在帮助盲人看看。该传感器以及SparkFuns Pro Mic必威娱乐登录平台ro和SparkFun代码是新产品上的主要传感器。在我提交专利之前,不应透露设备。


Disappointed, really!

尝试使用其他3个距离传感器后,我discovered at a high cost the lack of detailed descriptions in the datasheets and the websites themselves. For my project that needs a laser beam in visible and RED light, it is disappointing to buy a product that does not report in such a way as to highlight that the light beam is IR, ie infra red. This feature makes it impossible to use this sensor in my project. Another thing I found in this sensor was that it did NOT report the distances up to 300 cm, which contradicts the information in the datasheet that indicates 40 m. Could it be that in my expectation of having the problem resolved, I did not see such information or did the information on the site and datasheet really need reformulation?

( sorry my poor english)

In portuguese:

Depois de yentar USAR 3 Outros Sensores dedistância,Descobri A Custo Alto da Falta de Detalhameno Das Descriess NoS DAS列表E NOSPróproiors。Para O Meu Projeto Que Unkentita de Um Feixe de Laser Em LuzVisívelevermelha,édecepcionanteum produto quenãoinforma de maneira a destacar que o Feixe deluzér,ou seja,infra vermelha。Estacaracterísticainviamiliza o美元饮料传感器没有meu projeto。Outra Coisa Que Descobri Neste Sensor Foi Que EleNãonificonouaInformOnciasAcina de 300厘米,O Que ontraria aInformação没有数据表Que Indega 40米。Seráquena minhaeippeativa de ter o problena stradvidonãovitais informmmmmmmmmmmmmmente作为信息Enviceaçõesno网站e datasheet interniTamclearulação?