RedBoard Plus Hookup Guide


This tutorial covers the basic functionality of the RedBoard Plus. This tutorial also covers how to get started blinking an LED and using the Qwiic system.

MicroMod Teensy处理器连接指南


Add the processing power and versatility of the Teensy to your MicroMod project following this guide for the SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor.

Air Quality Sensor - SGP40 (Qwiic) Hookup Guide

June 24, 2021


必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun RTK Express连接指南


Learn how to use the enclosed RTK Express product to achieve millimeter level geospatial coordinates.



A quick Hookup Guide to get you started with the SparkFun 2D Barcode Scanner Breakout.

Qwiic 6DoF(LSM6DSO)分接连接导轨

May 20, 2021

A hookup guide for the Qwiic 6DoF (LSM6DSO), which features a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, temperature sensor, and FIFO buffer.

MicroMod STM32处理器连接指南

May 13, 2021

Get started with the MicroMod Ecosystem and the STM32 Processor Board!

nRF9160 Thing Plus Hookup Guide

May 6, 2021

Getting started with the nRF9160 from Circuit Dojo and SparkFun!

Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - KX13x (Qwiic) Hookup Guide

May 6, 2021



April 29, 2021

Qwiic触觉驱动器包括一个itty bitty,线性谐振驱动器(LRA)振动电机和Dialog半导体公司的DA7280电机驱动器IC,用于需要触觉反馈的应用。

Garmin LIDAR Lite v4(Qwiic)连接指南


将Garmin LIDAR Lite v4连接到微控制器变得更容易了!查看我们的连接指南开始。

ESP32-S2 Thing Plus连接指南


Looking to use the more secure ESP32-S2? Follow this hookup guide to get started.

Qwiic公司MultiPort Hookup Guide

April 1, 2021

The SparkFun Qwiic MultiPort adds additional ports to boards that have only one Qwiic port on their I2C bus. Once added, you can use it as a hub to add as many I2C devices to the bus as you need! You can also use the board as an alternative to a daisy chained configuration.

必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun QwiicBus连接指南

April 1, 2021

使用SparkFun QwiicBus套件构建一个远程、隔音的I2C总线,该套件具有QwiicBus端点必威娱乐登录平台和中点,请遵循此连接指南。

How to Upgrade Firmware of a u-blox GNSS Receiver


A few steps and you'll upgrade to the latest features on a u-blox GNSS receiver.

Qwiic PIR连接指南

3月25, 2021

Get started passively monitoring motion using the Panasonic EKMC and EKMB sensors with the SparkFun Qwiic PIR.

必威娱乐登录平台SparkFun PIR分接连接指南

3月25, 2021

Get started with these Panasonic EKM-Series PIR breakouts following this Hookup Guide.

Configuring the PATH System Variable


A simple guide for configuring the PATH variable on Win 10, Mac OSX, and Linux systems.

Qwiic公司Carrier Board Hookup Guide

3月18, 2021

The Qwiic carrier board is the latest way to rapid prototype with the included M.2 socket to swap processor boards and Qwiic connectors to easily connect I2C devices.

MicroMod Asset Tracker Carrier Board Hookup Guide

February 25, 2021

开始使用SparkFun MicroMod必威娱乐登录平台资产跟踪器载体板,遵循此连接指南。资产跟踪器使用u-blox SARA-R510M8S LTE-M/NB物联网模块提供大量数据通信选项。

MicroMod Update Tool Hookup Guide

February 25, 2021

Follow this guide to learn how to use the MicroMod Update Tool to interact directly with the UART on the MicroMod Asset Tracker's SARA-R5. Using this board you can talk directly to the module using u-blox's m-center software as well as update the firmware using EasyFlash.


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